Dear Friends and Family,

Our administrators in Mozambique have just informed us that there have been several attacks on vehicles in Mozambique in an area about fifty miles from where we are scheduled to have the dedication. These are happening on the main North/South road we and others have to use to get to the dedication ceremony. The full text of the State Department’s advisory to US citizens is included below.

We are scheduled to leave next Saturday so have to make a pretty quick decision as to whether or not we should go ahead with our plans.

Please pray for us and our administrators to make a good decision. And please pray for peace in the region and for those caught in the crossfire as the government tries to deal with those responsible for the attacks.

If you have any advice please let us know what you think.

Thanks so much,

Peg and Jeff

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Maputo (Mozambique), Attacks on Commercial Buses
Transportation Security; Assault
Africa > Mozambique

The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens of a series of confirmed attacks on commercial buses occurring from May 12-18 along the EN1 in the Murrotone area of Mocuba district of Zambezia province, resulting in at least one fatality and other casualties.  On May 15, another commercial bus was attacked on the EN1 in the Zero area of southern Zambezia, and there have been other reports of armed violence involving government and opposition forces in the Mocuba and Morrumbala districts of Zambezia province from May 14-18.  Anecdotal accounts suggest that attackers have fired on civilian vehicles after the vehicles did not stop when directed to do so by unidentified armed personnel manning road checkpoints.  Other recent reports include the murder of the Samoa district administrator and his assistant in Tete province in their homes and the burning of their residences. 

Due to heightened tension in these regions, the U.S. Embassy recommends additional caution for all travel in the aforementioned areas.  At this time, no additional travel advisories, beyond what was outlined on March 9, have been instituted; however, all travelers are advised to remain fully apprised of the situation before any travel.  All previous travel advisories remain in effect.

Serving together,


Jeff, Peg and Maggie Jo

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