Kidz Church

Doors Open at 10:20 am

An Epic Adventure for Kidz in Grades K-6!

At Kidz Church, we create an exciting, safe environment for kidz to experience the love of the Father through worship, prayer and supernatural connection.

At Kidz Church, every week is designed to help your child learn:

  • how to read and love the Bible, God’s guidebook and love letter to each of us!
  • that their Papa God encourages, protects and loves them!
  • their identity in Jesus Christ!
  • how to own and walk in their authority as sons and daughters of the King!
  • that they have an amazing inheritance through Jesus!
  • that God loves to communicate with them!
  • how to hear God’s voice!
  • that they have supernatural power through Jesus Christ, to make a positive impact on all those around them!
  • that they have the supernatural power and ability to bring heaven to earth!
  • that they are powerful in Christ!

Our heart is that our kidz will grow up owning the extravagant love that their Father God has for them as they become world-changers in this generation!

*In order to honor and protect this time of connection with God and others, our Kidz Church doors close promptly at 10:30am. Teachers and greeters are available to welcome kidz from 10:20-10:30am. Kidz who arrive later than 10:30am are welcomed into the main sanctuary to sit with their family for our Sunday Service.


Every 3rd Sunday in June-October is designed to help kidz learn & connect through our special Summer/Fall 3rd Sunday Fun Days!





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