First Steps

Our Nursery is available at all times for crying infants and busy toddlers who cannot remain in the service. This room is equipped with a live video from the sanctuary, as well as a changing table, rocking chairs, and lots of age-appropriate toys.

Starting at 10:20 am, this room is staffed by two children’s workers who offer a loving and safe environment for our youngest ones to play and be cared for while parents enjoy the Sunday Service.

Check-in/Check out

A First Steps worker will give you a ticket that you will need to return in order to pick up your child.

Can I stay in the Nursery with my baby?

Of course you can! However, our staff is trained to care for babies and young children and would love to give you an opportunity to have undistracted time to focus on the Lord.

Separation Anxiety

We will work with your child, but if crying persists for an unsually long time, we will come and get you. We ask that you please sit near the back of the church or let the teacher know where you will be sitting, in case you are needed in the care of your child.

Sick Children

Children with fevers, cold, or runny noses are not allowed in the Nursery. If your child is sick, or has had a fever within 24 hours, please keep them with you so they don’t expose the other children.

Diaper Training

If you are in the process of potty training, please take your child to the bathroom before checking them in.

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