Praise & Testimony Night

Every 5th Sunday of the month     5 pm

Faith and hope are built when we hear how God has answered prayers, provided for needs, given guidance,  and healed people’s bodies, spirits and relationships.

God is always working in the lives of His people. Join us for a night of fellowship and encouragement as we hear and share testimonies of how God is working in our lives.

Dinner begins at 5, with praise and testimonies beginning at 6 pm.


5:00 pm      Dinner
5:50 pm      Praise and Testimonies


Praise & Testimony Night Highlights:   Now you can read about what God is doing in our midst anytime with Share Your Story:

06.11   The Joy of Following Jesus

06.11   Frank’s Story

07.11   My Journey Until Our Father Calls Me Home

07.11   Matt’s Story

08.11   Mike’s Story: Guatemala 2011

09.11   Forgiveness Can Lead to Happiness

10.11   It’s Never Too Late

10.11   Freedom

11.11   Praising & Trusting God

11.11   I Should Not Be Alive

12.11   God Takes Care of His Children

12.11   Fear to Faith

12.11   Marshall’s Story

01.12   God Leads Us

01.12   Being Liberated

01.12   Georgia’s Story

02.12   Veronica’s Story

05.12   Joe’s Story: How God Set Me Free

05.12   Sandy’s Story: Don’t Look Back

05.12   Michael’s Story: Last Stand

05.12   Theresa’s Story: What is God’s Love?

06.12   Loreen’s Story: Quiet, But Loud For Jesus

10.12   Melissa’s Story: Thanksgiving 365 Days a Year

01.13   Sandy’s Story: What Will You Gain?

03.13   Theresa’s Story: Saved, Transformed and Freed

04.13   Mike’s Story: Golden Corral, Wawa & Divine Opportunities

07.13   Janine’s Story: The Servant’s Table

12.13   Janine’s Story: Bad Cat

12.13   Theresa’s Story: When I Stop For a Moment

02.14   Bill’s Story: Maturing in the Faith

05.14   Janine’s Story: The Promised Land

04.15   Rae’s Story: Healed View of Father God

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