Being Liberated

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11.

“Even though I have been a Christian and have been walking with Jesus for many, many years, I was not born a saint. It is only that I met Jesus on the way, somewhere between life and death. If He had not stepped in when He did, I would either be mentally disabled, in prison or under the cold clay.

I do not think for a moment that I am lucky or that I am here by chance. I owe everything to Him – to Christ Jesus.

For some reason, my past has kept me from His unconditional love. After many years of suffering, being used and abused in many forms, I struggled with my significance. I felt inferior. Even though God’s love for me is so undivided, I still could not understand my search for significance.

However, being who God has created me to be, there was a driving passion to love and please Him. He has proven to me how much He cares for and loves me by using my life as an example to encourage and strengthen other believers. Time after time, He as given me His Word and has spoken to me about the things I am struggling with. I could not grasp it at the time, because there was too much pain and hurt on the inside for His Word to germinate. Therefore, I continued to be angry and bitter. I felt like a victim to everyone, including my community.

Coming to Word Fellowship Church, and feeling God’s love through His people, was my breakthrough point to true happiness in Christ. He spoon-fed me here for a time, then kicked me off of His nest like an eagle with its young.

With God’s mirror in front of my face, I booked a few sessions with our Pastor in Christian counseling, where I learned the true meaning of forgiveness. This allowed me to forgive those who have hurt me deeply and move away from my past, investing my time and energy in the Kingdom of God.

After my counseling was finished, I went on to join Discipleship. Here, I learned the real meaning of my true worth and signifance. When I first heard my daughters talking about this, I thought, “That is not for me. I am mature in Christ. I have done studies and seminars enough. And, I am a minister!” I continued to ponder this in my heart, thinking, “What could they say to me that I have not yet known?” But having seen the growth and changes in my family, I realized that it was far deeper than what I was imagining.

The only way I can describe what has happened is that I have been liberated. I have been set free. Free of my past – it is a freedom and joy to live and love again without being self-centered or negative. I came to the conclusion that it is not always about me! This is a freedom that only the Holy Spirit can give – when we allow Him.

This is another side of God that I have never experienced in my many years of walking with Him. Time would not permit me to share everything, but if there is one thing I’ve learned, it is this – being bruised and used is that God has been preparing me for something far greater than what I could fathom. It is a unique kind of ministry that would take all this time to get me there. You see, all that I have mentioned was a preparation for this ministry.

There is a fire that burns within my spirit and everything it connects with is set ablaze. It is like a wildfire and it is definitely God! I am just a vessel whom He chooses to live in and love people through. The people that society has given up on, He has given me compassion for. This is my passion – to listen, to love and to care. I want to be the hand, the mouth, the eyes to see only what God sees.

It is quite amazing to see God’s hand in my life. It makes me realize how I could not be this person, with such a heart, if I did not have this past. What would I say to someone who is hungry, lonely, hurting and destitute, if I had never been there myself? What hope and encouragement could I give? So you see, what we call mess, God turns into a message.

God bless!”

-“Being Liberated” by Faith, 01/12

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