God Leads Us

“I was drawn to Word Fellowship by a sweet gentleman named Albert who traveled to Word in his wheelchair. He had invited my friend, Vince, to church while witnessing to him at his worksite near his apartment. Vince said that Albert asked him if he believed in God. They talked for awhile and when Vince told me, I said we had to go.

I was searching. I came. I went. I returned.

God has invited me to his table many times. Before this I came and left, but never stayed.

I brought my daughter to Word Fellowship again on New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Eve, she and her friend had stayed in, making small framed momentos. Hers said, “Awake my soul.” God spoke to her in the service, through Pastor Markus. She had something heavy on her heart about returning to college. God was directing her to focus on Jesus, instead of her anxiety. I saw her recognition of this and understood that this was only one of the reasons why Albert was an “angel”.

I can’t wait to see what else God has in store!”

-“God Leads Us” by Holly, 01/12

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