Meet Our Team

Meet the team of people who lead this community.


Pastor Markus Ehrich // Senior Pastor

Markus Ehrich serves as the Senior Pastor here at Word Fellowship Church. Pastor Markus came to Word Fellowship in 2002, along with his wife Susie and their 2 children, Michael and Jessica, after God called him to move his pastoral ministry here to New Jersey.

Pastor Markus’ life and ministry are characterized by his deep love Jesus, his passion for signs and wonders through the gifts of the Holy Spirit and his encounters with the Father. His desire for South Jersey and beyond is to see the broken-hearted healed and restored and to see people maturing in Christ, living out joy-filled, sold out relationships with Him. His ministry is further defined by teaching with practical application, leadership training,  personal discipleship and passionate worship.

Born in Germany and raised on the mission field in South America for 17 years, Pastor Markus has a degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Theology Degree from LIFE Bible College. He has pastored churches in Germany, California, Oregon and New Jersey.

Pastor Markus encourages people daily, through patience and kindness, to find a life with purpose in Christ.

Sandra Heubner // Administration, Media & Small Groups

Sandy Heubner serves as the Administrator for Word Fellowship Church, leading the Media Team and Small Groups Ministry.

Sandy’s life and ministry are characterized by a passionate love for God, His people and all things administrative.

Born and raised in north central Minnesota, Sandy spent over 10 years in the field of Education, before coming to New Jersey in 2010. She, her husband of over 18 years, and their elementary-aged daughter have been attending Word Fellowship since God moved them to New Jersey in early 2010.

Teresa Spencer // Worship & Transformation

Teresa Spencer heads up both our Worship Ministry and Transformation Ministries here at Word Fellowship Church. Teresa has been a part of WFC for over 20 years and has been an integral part of our Leadership Community and Small Groups Ministry for over 10 years.

Teresa’s life and ministry are characterized by a passionate love for and joy in the Lord, as she declares the reality of who God is as our loving Father and the truth of who we are as His beloved kids.

Teresa grew up in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, and attended Elim Bible Institute. She enjoys making people feel at home at Word Fellowship and has a deep passion for inner healing & discipleship and encouraging others to believe the truth about themselves.


Shanna McIntyre // Prayer & Candlelight Prayer House

shanna2Shanna McIntyre leads our Prayer Team at Word Fellowship Church and directs Candlelight Prayer House. She also serves in both our Transformation and Small Groups Ministries.

Shanna’s ministry has been characterized by the exponential growth and power of Holy Spirit, as she helps usher in God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Shanna and her husband Mike have been married for over 17 years and together they have two daughters. Shanna is full of joy and excitement in the Lord and is passionate about people coming to know Jesus Christ and the unconditional love of Papa God.

Mike McIntyre // Youth & Kidz

Mike McIntyre co-leads our Messengers Youth and Kidz Ministry and serves on our Prayer Team.

Mike and his wife Shanna have been married for over 17 years and have 2 daughters. His life and ministry, thus far, have been characterized by joyful passion for God and His kids.


Indya Walker // Youth & Kidz

Indya Walker co-leads our Messengers Youth and Kidz Ministry and serves in our Small Group Ministries.

Indya has a passion for everyone to experience the Father’s love, evidenced by her heart for children and adults alike.


Sis Peters // Office

Sis Peters serves as our Church Office Manager. Sis is a bright light in our office, welcoming all who enter with the joy and love of Jesus!


Additional Leaders

Small Groups

  • Sandra Heubner*
  • Teresa Spencer*
  • Shanna McIntyre*
  • Indya Walker
  • Michael Ehrich*
  • Jessica Ehrich
  • Frank Pedrick
  • Susie Ehrich



  • Mike McIntyre*
  • Indya Walker



  • Mike McIntyre
  • Indya Walker
  • Janine Knecht


Teaching Team

  • Pastor Markus Ehrich
  • Michael Ehrich
  • Teresa Spencer
  • Sandra Heubner
  • Susie Ehrich
  • Frank Pedrick
  • Shanna McIntyre


Heaven in Business/Lighthouse

  • Denise Santore*


Servant’s Table

  • Janine Trench


Transformation Ministries

  • Teresa Spencer
  • Shanna McIntyre


Resolution Contacts*

  • Teresa Spencer
  • Mike McIntyre
  • Shanna McIntyre
  • Denise Santore
  • Sandra Heubner
  • Michael Ehrich
  • Glenn Shrader
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