It’s Never Too Late

“One year ago, this past June, my infidelity was exposed.

I had been involved in an extramarital affair for 9 months. My relationship with my husband had always struggled, almost from the very beginning of our dating relationship. However circumstances kept us together, and we married. Before I got involved with another man, my husband and I had been in and out of couple’s counseling for more than 4 years. I knew that something was missing from our relationship; we just couldn’t get it together. We argued all the time. There was a lack of appreciation, on both of our parts, for each other’s physical and emotional needs. It seemed as if we were just lost to each other. It felt as if there was no hope.

I entered into the affair on a chance meeting. During those 9 months, I continued to attend church regularly, participating in all activities with my family. In my mind, my home life hadn’t changed at all. But now I had this person in my life whom I didn’t always argue with, someone who listened to me. And then…it happened. My husband found out.

My world exploded. I left our home and moved in with my sister. Our kids were torn. Our family was broken.

The entire time, I was sure that this was what I wanted, that this was best for me and for my kids. They shouldn’t have to be raised by two people who didn’t get along. And besides, I deserved to be loved.

After we separated, the relationship between my husband and me was absolutely awful. Things were said, and actions were taken, that seemed unforgivable. By the end of the summer, I had my own house. I was standing on my own two feet – alone.

October rolled around and my husband and I were being civil. Around my birthday, we talked about everything that had happened, what had been broken between us, if we thought it would be possible to fix, and what if we were to try to work things out. At this time in my life, I had another member of my family who was suffering. I was trying to convince this person to come to church – that God saves, that life is better with Him. But, I hadn’t been living that life at all. It was then that I realized what the Lord was speaking to me. When this person asked me why he should come to church, I told him, “Because I am going to try to save my marriage.” I knew that I wanted nothing more. Talk about a change of heart!

Now this notion seemed crazy, especially after everything that had taken place, to everyone who did not believe in God’s awesome power. But what I know now, firsthand, is that God heals and restores. My husband and I are meant to be together, for no other reason than we are the perfect person that God chose for each of us. He and our girls are my gift from God! With God’s love we have been able to love and forgive each other. I have realized that neither my husband nor the Lord ever stopped loving me, even after all the hurt I caused to our entire family.

In January of this year, I rededicated my life to the Lord. My husband and I are together, happily, and looking forward to what the future holds.

I am a witness to the power the enemy can have over our lives, if we let him. He is cunning, handsome, funny, caring and creeps in so subtly. The enemy is anything you think your life is lacking and everything you feel you deserve. The enemy will take you further from your relationship with the Lord and the people whom you love the most.

Praise the Lord that my eyes are open and my family is back together! GOD IS ALL POWERFUL and can restore relationships! It is never too late!

Recently, the Lord spoke to me. He said, “You are blessed. I gave you your family.” Nothing means more to me.”

-“It’s Never Too Late” by Jamie, 10/11

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