100 Fold

I have been having a desire for financial breakthrough; to get out of debt and for an improved living situation. Within the past week or so, I’ve spoken with two friends about this specifically and have been encouraged by their prayers. This past Wednesday, Teresa was encouraging me and giving me some godly wisdom about my finances. She reminded me to start speaking the truth over the situation, because God wants me to have a different living situation-He wants me to be free of financial bondage! She also told me that God is working, and for me to continue to do the best with what I have and to watch Him move.

Later that same Wednesday, my husband had gone to make the monthly payment on one of our past debts. When he came home he said to me: “I went to make the payment and our former landlord forgave the rest of the debt!!” We still owed $1,500 and our debt with them was completely wiped cleaned! Of course, I was in awe and crying tears of joy! God is so good!

That night I received a revelation from Holy Spirit that led to another layer of His goodness in this amazing miracle!

On Sunday, I had my tithe check written out and ready to go. As the baskets were coming around, I felt a nudge from Holy Spirit to change the amount. I wrote a new check for the specific amount I felt that the Lord was saying to tithe. The new amount was $15 more than original amount.

….$15….$1,500….. The Lord had re-payed that $15-100 FOLD! Thank you Jesus!

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