Resurrection Story

This is my Resurrection Story.

On Good Friday I had some sharp chest pains that came on suddenly, so I
went, with the advice of our doctor, to the Emergency Room and got checked

When we (my family and I) arrived at the ER, they got me checked in
quickly, and ruled out the possibility of a heart attack. After sending in
some blood work and getting an EKG, the doctors eventually told me that I
had some inflammation of the heart and of the fluid around the heart. In
addition, I had an irregular EKG and elevated muscle protein levels. They
said the cause was most likely a strand of a virus.

The only way they could "help" and "fix" it was to let my body fix
itself, as well as give me fluids to flush out the virus, and ibuprofen to
reduce inflammation.

It was a scary time for me, I've never been in the hospital and didn't
know how serious this was or how quickly I would get better.

They said I had to stay overnight, and that didn't help with my anxiousness.

During that first night, I had an episode where the pain in my chest
returned. After the nurses came in to help me feel better and check my
vitals, I started to fall back to sleep. As I was falling asleep, I had a
vision/picture of the Archangel Michael by my bed-side saying "Your just
in training/boot camp. Your almost done and will be out soon." He  also
reminded me that I have the authority take Satan and 'dropkick' him out
with his lies and fear.

The next morning, I was feeling better, and they sent me to get an
echocardiogram to see if my heart was weakened as a result of the

And Praise the Lord! They said my heart was still strong and no damage was
done. After this piece of good news, the doctor said he would like me to
stay another night till all my levels could go down all the way.

So in faith, my family and I believed that I would be discharged in-time
to be in church for Resurrection Sunday.

The next morning, the nurses said they were skeptical if I would be
discharged before church started, but said they would try.

Well, we still had faith.

As I was getting ready for the day, I heard God tell me "You better get
ready quickly, cause your getting out of here." After that, the nurse came
back in to the room with the doctor, and said that they were going to
start getting me ready to be discharged.

As God is so good, I arrived at the front door of the church at 10:59am
right as the transition from Worship to the Sermon was taking place. GOD

Its kind of cool/funny because on Friday evening after finding out that I had
to stay the night, I heard God reassure me that this was just a time for
me to relax and that He was going to take care of me. The thought also
came (and I realize now that it was God) that I might have a "Jesus Story"- go
in Good Friday, and come out Sunday (I did ask him to make it shorter
though haha). And wouldn't you know... that is what happened!!

I went in 4pm Friday afternoon, and came out 10:59am Sunday morning.

I have to give a shout-out to my church family. From the time I was in the
hospital I was never alone, and always had someone visiting me from my
church family. That was such a huge encouragement to me. I felt so much
love! Our church loved so well, and I celebrate them for that!  Plus, I
was getting so many text messages of prayers and love that my iPhone was
becoming my "Love Machine" haha.

So not only did the enemy not succeed, but Jesus was the victor! I got to
have a lesson that I can trust God to take care of me, and that I have the
authority and victory! I learned how important it is to not give in to
fear, and that God has equipped me to win and fight, and that when God
fights, He will win!

I feel that in the future, I will look back at this time as a turning
point in my life. Where fear lost the battle again, and I gained
confidence as a son and warrior of God.

..... Plus I got my own experienced version of the Easter Story. Just a
cherry on the top : )
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