Night Guard

My daughter had had her wisdom teeth out this past October. In January, her jaw had started bothering her and the more time that had past, the more pain she experienced. We took her back to the oral surgeon who had taken the wisdom teeth out and she told us that it looks like my daughter had started grinding her teeth while she slept and this mixed with the teeth coming out, had resulted in some TMJ issues. So the dr recommended she be fitted for a night guard to help with the grinding. The dr’s office told us they would get the approval from the insurance company and get back to us with a price and set up an appointment for the impressions. A few weeks went by and I contacted the dr’s office only to find out that this dr was no longer “in-network” with our insurance, since we had gotten new insurance starting January of this year. The “out-of-network” price for the night guard was $1,000! Over the next month I scrambled between our medical insurance, dental insurance, and 2 different dentists trying to get this night guard for my daughter. All the while, the pain was getting unbearable for her especially while she was eating! This past Friday, I talked with the receptionist from the oral surgeons office, she was trying to help us get the pre-authorization we needed and her last words were, “If you don’t hear from me by next Friday, call us back!” We were already 2 months in with trying to get help for my daughter and as I hung up the phone I cried out to Papa saying, “Please God, we need a miracle, I ask that you release favor in all areas and that you hasten their response!” Of course, we had been seeking healing over the jaw this entire time and she did seem to get relief on a couple of occasions! On Monday I got a phone call from our dentist, the woman on the other end of the line said, “We have the pre-authorization for the night guard, bring your daughter in today for her impressions and the total cost is $110!” Praise God for His perfect timing and His amazing blessings that constantly pour out from Heaven!

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