Divine Appointment on train

I was on my way to school and I decided to take the train. I got to an early train I didn’t think I would get and was waiting a couple of minutes before it took off. I was sitting reading “You May All Prophesy” when a man walked onto the train and started telling me that he has epilepsy and is trying to get home to New York before the big snow
storm. He had recently lost all of his belongings and money. He then asked me for money. As I was listening to him my first reaction was no, but then I knew it was a divine appointment, so I asked him if I could pray for him. He asked why and I said “Well, I believe God wants to heal you from epilepsy”. So he agreed and after I prayed with him I gave him a $50 bill which was pretty much all that I had in my wallet. He was so touched, that he began to cry. Then I asked him if he knew the Lord and he said he did. He told me that nobody else wanted to give him money because he looked like a drug addict. Then he asked if he could pray and I said sure! He proceeded to pray and tell God that he was so happy to have met me and from that moment on he would devote his life to Jesus! I was so excited! We spoke for the rest of the train ride about how this was a divine appointment and that I’m going to Rutgers with no real financial help. He was so impressed that I go to school full-time and work. Before he got off the train he turned back and give me a hug saying thank you again. I was so ecstatic not only that I was able to pray for him with no fear but that I was able to really bless him with money and not even be concerned about my own finances. Thank you Lord!!!

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