Words of encouragement from our recent Worship Night

During our last Worship Night, God released a sweet spirit over us that watered us with amazing words of encouragement! Be blessed as you read what PapaGod is singing over His children!

A vision of God’s face in the sky smiling and laughing over Stratford in joy and delight in the children He made. He said “He knows how it’s gonna end; GREAT things are ahead for the people of Stratford and Word Fellowship Church!”

God has water and food for all of us, we don’t have to eat crumbs or leftovers. As we accept this meal, it brings honor to Him!

A vision of a person with a backpack and it was filled with bricks. Each brick represented the negative things we are carrying like bitterness, resentment , hurts, etc. and Jesus was taking each one out and replacing it with feathers. Each feather represented what he replaced them with like joy, love, peace, hope, etc.

God is saying “Look ahead-not behind in the rear view mirror-it’s a NEW day”. Jesus made the way for our future to be able to walk in His freedom-it’s light and weightless, not heavy.

A vision of a big garden with a big flower in the middle and fire in the center of the flower. The flower represents a church member and it’s a beauty, a sweet fragrance. The fire represents God’s intensity. When the church member blooms, the flowers around it are encouraged to bloom also and the fire catches and spreads. There are some flowers in the garden on the edge that are watching and are discouraged because they’re not blooming as quickly as the ones in the middle. God wants to tell them that they don’t have permission to disqualify themselves, because when 1 member of the body blooms it’s for the benefit of the body, not just that person. He says, ” If you can see something that another person has that you want… you can have it!”

God said, “We will rise on eagles wings, rise above the fire. We will see Jesus eyes and they will burn with an all consuming fire to heal us and bring out all of our infirmities. We will have the peace that surpasses all understanding.”

A vision of a flower pot being filled with fresh soil. But there was a hole at the bottom, and soil was spilling out of it. At first I had thought that was a bad thing, but then Papa God told me that it’s natural for the old soil to get pushed out to make room for the new. I felt an impression that Papa was going to put a new layer of soil in each of our spirits. The word ‘foundation’ came to mind. And I asked Papa what He was going to plant there, and He told me that He would be planting new seeds of intimacy, identity, and power.

God wants to invite us on a journey-where He will lead and we will follow.

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