More than physical

A young man approached the prayer line on Sunday. He stated that he needed prayer for his hands and wrists. He had been experiencing pain from Carpal Tunnel for the past 15 years and he worked hard every day with his hands. As 2 members of the prayer team invited Holy Spirit to come and show them where to start praying, they both sensed that his need was deeper than a physical healing. As they were praying, the Lord started speaking life to this man. The Lord was drawing him back to Himself with words of knowledge, as he had walked away from God earlier in his life. He revealed things to this man that no one on the prayer team could know, as this was his first time in church! He was deeply moved and awakened to God’s Spirit! By the end of the prayer he claimed his hands and wrists felt great-all pain was gone!┬áThank you God for your amazing faithfulness to your children!

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