Debt cancelled

When I was 13, I had spinal fusion surgery to correct my scoliosis. Somehow, when I got older, the bills got passed off to me. I never questioned it because I didn’t know any better, so I started making payments on this for bill for thousands of dollars. Eventually, that medical bill and others that I had accumulated got very overwhelming, so I didn’t make payments as often. I knew we were in a lot of debt, but I was so afraid of it, I never addressed it. I was finally persuaded to find out how much debt was left for my back surgery. I had no recent bills to look at-they had stopped sending them to me. But I uncovered an older bill tucked away, and called the phone number to find out how much I owed. They told me that the debt had been cancelled over a year ago!!!

I was so thrilled and encouraged that I started getting all of our medical bills together and making phone calls. The giant pile of debt I had imagined us under was actually manageable! For the first time in almost 3 years, I have a vision of being out of debt and building our credit back up!

Glory to God!

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