Free hugs

I heard a message about how we as believers are on a mission for Christ-to love on people. The Lord spoke to me through it and told me to go and love on others… not only in the church, but those outside of the church body. I felt led to take my son and go to the local Wawa to give away “Free Hugs” and show the love of Jesus! We talked with the manager of Wawa and he happily agreed that it was a great idea! 85-90% of the people we met were receptive to having a hug from complete strangers. We even met a man there that started a conversation with us about how God took away his addiction to alcohol and He(God) was also taking away his addiction to nicotine. My son and I prayed over this man and the presence of God fell heavy on us and that Wawa! Before we left this man was giving away “Free Hugs” to strangers right alongside my son and myself! We are excited to see and be a part of God’s love in action!

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