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And those who believe will be able to do these things as proof: 

  • They will use my name to force out demons.
  • They will speak in new languages.
  • They will pick up snakes and drink poison without being hurt.
  • They will touch the sick, and the sick will be healed.  Mark 16:17-18 NCV

Testimonies build our faith and increase the momentum of what God is doing in our lives and those around us!

As you read these testimonies, claim them for yourself! God wants to do them again – in your life!

2018 Healings


  • No longer need to take medication for Bi-Polar Disorder!
  • Headaches have decreased over the past 4 months to where only 2 prescriptions are needed instead of 16!


  • Deaf ear opened!
  • Knee pain gone after prayer!


  • No longer have to take daily meds for headaches!
  • All hip pain is gone after receiving prayer on prayer line after Sunday’s service!


  • All pain gone after visit to Healing Room of Camden County
  • No headaches today!


  • Healed of migraine!


  • Biopsy test results benign!
  • Stage 4 lung cancer healed!

2018 Praise & Testimonies


  • Healing
  • Favor on job interview-second interview scheduled!
  • Young boy gave homeless man money and prayed for him to have a home and for a spirit of addiction to leave him!
  • 2 Rebate checks in the mail over the course of 7 days!


  • Income tax amount doubled from last year!
  • Received new job!
  • Lead for a prospective new client!


  • Daughter is learning that her voice is powerful and tried out for a speaking part in the school play!
  • Fresh revelation of Holy Spirit being the Comforter!
  • God is opening more doors for Wordfc to love on the community in practical ways!


  • Young son received Jesus as Lord and Savior during Kids Church!
  • Recent contact with family member after years of no contact!
  • The amount of income tax that was received was enough to cover the cost of a conference trip to Bethel Church in Redding, CA
  • Favor released over medical bill-It went down from $1,100 to $380!
  • Car repairs covered by warranty!
  • Rich revelation about the closeness of Jesus during worship!
  • Mighty revelations revealed in Kids Church!


  • Started praying at workplace with other coworkers!
  • Divine opportunity in break room at workplace to testify of God’s goodness!
  • Candlelight Prayer Request Hotline is being utilized by the community!
  • Praying at the municipal building, police and fire stations every week in Stratford! Employees are asking for prayer and praying with us!
  • Divine encounter at WaWa to pray for employee-she felt God’s presence in a very tangible way!
  • Person declared Lost things will be found in Jesus name and lost keys were found!


  • Blessed financially by church family to be able to go to conference
  • Community is recognizing more and more that Word Life Center loves them!
  • Father and son are going to a ministry together to receive freedom and deliverance!
  • Divine encounter with a co-worker!
  • Tumor tested benign after biopsy!
  • Favor


  • Divine opportunity at WaWa to bless a man financially and prophecy over him!
  • Received much needed encouragement from a sister in Christ at just the right time!
  • Mom accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior!
  • Divine opportunity at workplace-woman received prayer and love from the Father!
  • Check in the mail for over $1,000!


  • Checks in the mail!
  • Car passed inspection!
  • Receiving more inner healing and growth!
  • Started tithing/offering more and our finances increased!


  • Reconciliation in family!
  • Offered overtime shift that covered the price of tire repair!
  • God’s protection over motorcycle accessories and cell phone!
  • Shifted the atmosphere at work through prayer!
  • Prayed over cashier at Walgreens!
  • Prayed over resident at rehab!
  • Young boy blessed the waiter at Red Robin with words of encouragement!





2017 Healings

Ear infection, vertigo, and congestion healed at Healing Room of Camden County!
Divine appt. at Dollar Tree-prayed over woman with back pain!
Shoulder pain healed!
Leg grew out and hip was realigned after receiving prayer!
Woman healed at Coffeehouse!
Man healed of high blood pressure!
2 people radically healed of headaches!
2 people healed of all hip pain during worship service!
Shoulder healed!
Tooth pain healed!
Divine appointment at dollar store-God gave a word of knowledge for woman’s ear and back pain-after prayer she was completely healed!
Divine appointment at Wawa-after prayer all the pain left a woman’s body!
Co-workers knee healed instantly after prayer!
Prayed healing over co-workers’ mom!
Free from lung cancer!
Healed at small group from all pain!
Biopsy report came back all clear-no cancer detected!
Prayed over a woman at the grocery store that was experiencing pain from a headache-God healed it in an instant!
A woman came to Stratford Community Yard Sale with knee pain. Prayer servants from Candlelight Prayer House prayed over her and she was totally healed of all knee pain!
Mom brought sick daughter to Candlelight Prayer House to receive healing prayer before going to the doctor!
God’s Healing Touch!
Co-workers back radically healed!
Blind eyes were opened-full restoration of sight!
Restored mobility in hand that was stiff from arthritis!
Shoulder completely healed!
Woman received healing in her knee after teenager prayed for her!
Chest pain gone after prayer on Sunday morning service!
Toothache pain gone after prayer during small group!
Arm Healed!
Wrist healed at Candlelight Prayer House!

2017 Praise & Testimonies

Favor at the boro hall-Intercessors are able to pray in court room/patrol room and release the presence and peace of God!
Kids tuition for school paid anonymously!
Restoration from stroke!
Grants given for next semester of college!
Unexpected money was given at just the right time!
Headlight on car was miraculously fixed!
Able to witness many miracles and healings taking place at Awaken the Dawn in Washington, DC this past weekend!
Both husband and wife felt a calling to do a fast and they received breakthrough in marriage and finances!
Increase in family business with new clients!
Learning to communicate in a healthy way!
Divine opportunity on train-able to pray over classmate!
Unexpected money found in bookbag!
Praising God for brand new healthy baby girl!
Divine opportunity to pray for woman at store!
Husband and wife both receive apartment and are able to stay together at nursing home!
God protected both people involved in car accident!
Insurance company paying for full repairs after car accident!
Found $50 on the side of the road!
Uncle completely off of Life Support and being discharged shortly!
Divine appointment at CVS-prayed with person and spoke life over their situation!
New Jersey Director for United States National Prayer Council
Found $380 lying on a street
Unity with churches in the area utilizing the prayer house for prayer meetings and worship sessions!
Reunited with spiritual mom after 25 years!
God’s hand of protection over father and children that were involved in a car accident!
Prayed over waitress at a restaurant and she stated that her joy was restored!
Prayer House being used more by community!
Releasing the presence of God at the voting booth! Words of knowledge given to multiple people that touched their hearts!
Ministered to a man at wawa and blessed him with money for food!
Amazing encounter with PapaGod during Worship Service!
Learning to hear God’s voice clearer!
Able to fix an air conditioning unit for a family member!
People are being touched in Stratford from the evangelism ministry and the bi-monthly community prayer walks!
Car given as a gift from boss!
Settlement money received after 2 years!
A woman was having complications with her pregnancy-prayer warriors from all over the world interceded for baby and mom-by the end of the night baby and mom were completely fine!
Son-in-law received doctor report that he is cancer free!
Woman had spot on lung, went for testing and the doctor’s report declared no cancer!
Blessed with new job that offers more money and better hours!
Received revelations and peace during visit to Candlelight Prayer House!
Children praying over the elderly at local nursing home!
College student owed a remaining balance for this past semester at school. When she was ready to pay the bill to her amazement the balance was $0! God blessed her with a miracle and paid off the remaining balance which was around $800!
After giving money to a person in need at the store, the man left the store, went home and while he was cleaning out his garage he found $150!
While visiting a family member in the hospital, God opened the door to be able to minister and pray over other patients!
Salvation received at small group!
Divine appointment at the workplace-able to minister God’s Word to a co-worker!
Healing Room of Camden County is now a member of The International Association Of Healing Rooms and listed on their website!
Blessed the homeless community with food and shared the love of God!
Purchased a brand new washer/dryer set for less than $200!
New ministries being birthed by teenagers in the body!
During the prayer walk, a company of carpenters working on a house received prayer and blessings from the evangelism team!
Young son prayed over the prayer mic for the first time on Sunday!
Divine opportunity to pray for a Buddhist at a local restaurant!
Unexpected check in the mail!
Full scholarship awarded for Rutgers!
Young daughter praying over her friends at school with total boldness and authority!
Waitress at restaurant received Jesus as Savior!
4 teenagers received Jesus as Savior!
Elderly man at nursing home received Jesus as Savior!
Mighty encounters with God happening daily at Candlelight Prayer House!
Promotion given at workplace and opportunities to pray for people!
Unexpected raise at workplace!
Day care teacher touched by the power of God through family’s prayer!



2016 Healings

7 Backs Healed!
Dislocated shoulder healed!
Headache healed instantly!
Sinus Infection Healed
Young daughter prayed over her dad’s knee and it was healed!
Migraine healed!
Co-worker received prayer for an injured foot and it was healed!
Toothache healed instantly!
All gastrointestinal issues healed and cleared from doctors’ care!
Healed of stomach pain!
Word of knowledge given for ear pain at close of sermon-2 people came forward and God healed them both of all pain!
Laying on of hands
Prayed over co-worker’s eye after he was stung by a bee and within minutes all swelling and pain was gone!
Healed of severe stomach pain!
Throat healed of all pain!
All arm pain was gone after prayer was received before Bible study!
All allergy symptoms gone after prayer was received at Candlelight Prayer House
Prayed for 2 women at pizza place-deaf ear opened, toothache pain and knee pain all instantly gone!
Prayed for man at laundromat who was having pain/kidney issues-all pain left and his skin color even improved!
Received prayer right before Bible study for pain in foot and the pain was instantly gone!
Prayed for a man at McDonald’s and he was completely healed of all pain!
Wrist healed
Foot pain from a fall was healed on Sunday after service!
Co-worker asked for pray for hand and God healed it in an instant!
Hearing is being restored after 7 years of wearing hearing aids
Broken pinky healed
Headache healed in an instant!
Stiff neck healed
Hip pain healed
Home healing
Foot pain healed
Sore throat healed in Kidz Church after other children prayed over young girl!
Hip pain healed
Stomach pain that had been very present throughout the week was instantly healed during worship before Bible Study
Stiff neck healed at Small Group
Leg pain and arm pain healed during Kids Club
Healed and Saved
Nagging eye pain gone in an instant after prayer
Torn rotator cuff healed
Mother in-law healed after laying on of hands
Healed at Kohl’s
Word of knowledge given-stomach issue-pain gone instantly
Shoulder pain healed
Pain from knee surgery healed
Neck, shoulder, and back pain healed
Jaw pain healed
Co-worker said yes to receive prayer for his back pain and God healed him
Knee pain healed-able to work a whole day with no pain
More than physical
Stiff neck healed
Fibromyalgia pain decreased from a 4 to a 1 on pain scale
Wawa customer received prayer for heart issues-during surgery no blockages where found
Co-workers’ arm healed
Jaw and neck pain/inflammation healed
Pain caused by kidney stones healed
Continuous tingling from pinched nerve healed
2 people were healed of pain and stiffness in neck
Pain/numbness in arm healed
Calf (pulled muscle) healed
Back pain healed

2016 Praise & Testimonies

15 Unexpected checks in the mail!
14 Divine Appointments:
Divine appointment with Verizon representative over the phone-Holy Spirit gave words of knowledge and they received it as an encounter with God!
Divine appointment at Wal-mart to pray for a complete stranger and tell them that God loves them!
Divine appointment at Wawa where man received Jesus as Lord and Savior!
Divine appointment to minister and pray to a man while mowing the lawn!
Divine appointment with some homeless men-was able to bless them with money and prayer!
Divine appointment at the laundromat-prayed for a woman, gave her a hug and told her how much God loves her!
Divine appointments at Wawa to witness and pray for regular customers!
Divine appt. with a woman in neighborhood who just had surgery-prayed for complete healing over her body
Divine appointment on train
Divine appointment at Wawa
Divine Appointment at the DMV
Divine appointment-was able to show the love of Christ to a stranger by changing a tire on the car
Divine appointment-prayed for a couple that was in distress-gave them a devotional
Divine appointments at Wal-mart that showed God’s hand at work in the body of Christ
Debt from previous bill miraculously paid!
$140 in bank fees reimbursed!
Student was accepted at Rutgers University with free tuition!
Lymph node biopsy came back negative!
Answered prayer for new job!
Becoming more bold while stepping out of comfort zone to pray for strangers in public!
Walking Hand-In-Hand: Big-Breaks, God’s Favor, and Trust
100 Fold
Personal revelations for inner healing!
Co-workers at the marketplace becoming more receptive to prayer!
Many radical encounters and personal breakthroughs are falling on the community of Wordfc!
Family reunited after 30 years!
Unexpected raise at work!
A prophetic word was given and it came to pass the very next week!
Blessed with a new set of tires for car!
All expenses paid for school tuition!
A family member was hit by a drunk driver and went into a coma. A bandana was prayed over, sent to the family and when they laid it on the girl she woke up from her coma!
Celebrating a hunger and boldness that’s rising up in God’s people across our area!
Pre-believer had a revelation about God after a word of prophecy was given at the workplace!
Praising God for the complete freedom that is being gained through Inner Healing!
2 Salvations at a nursing home visit!
Been coming to WordFC for the past 6 months and have had 3 breakthroughs  and several encounters with God!
Celebrating hearing Holy Spirits’ voice and promptings more clearly!
Witnessing the affects that Candlelight Prayer House( is having on individuals, as well as the community!
Prayed for a girl in Shoprite that was in need of a special love touch for PapaGod!
Routine drive
Led a woman through the prayer of Salvation!
Prayed for a woman at Lowe’s that had been diagnosed with lung cancer-she received a special love touch from PapaGod!
Gave a man a ride home-was able to pray over him and tell him that God loves him!
While changing a tire, metal bolts that were previously bent went completely straight at the simple command-“In Jesus name, metal straighten now!”
Co-workers received inner healing and revelation from God!
Prayed healing and blessing over a muslim man
5 yr. old daughter was asked to open the day with prayer at a public school!
Received life changing prayer at small group and went to sleep that night with no anxiety, no sleeping pills, and had a new sense of peace throughout the whole next day!
Car repairs covered by warranty and rental car given for free on birthday!
Visiting senior citizens at the nursing home- a 96yr. old woman was led through the Salvation prayer!
Increased breakthrough for revelation of the Father-knowing who we are in Christ and who He is to us!
After praying for 10 years for a co-worker-they received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!
Sitting on a bench
Resurrection Story
Testimony was shared with a person on Instagram that brought gratefulness and inspiration
Increased visitors at Candlelight Prayer House
Co-worker had a heart attack at the workplace, saints gathered together-rebuked a death spirit and commanded his spirit to return to his body-God brought him back to life!
Night guard
No radiation needed after mastectomy surgery
Favor at marketplace-no Sunday shift required
Favor at job resulting in Phillies tickets!
Anxiety defeated-able to wear sleep apnea machine through the night!
God gifted a minivan, which was a huge need and a hearts desire for years
Praising God for being totally surrounded by Christians in the Marketplace
Young son accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior!
God has given boldness when praying for customers over the phone at the marketplace
God stretched out His hand and stopped car accident from happening!
Prophetic word given for unborn baby from son’s dream
Blood work for daughter revealed negative results in 1 days time!
Challenge given by the Lord to seek and find divine appointments by telling people “Jesus loves them.” God is encountering His children in a very real way through that truth!
Witnessed a car accident and was able to lay hands on victim and pray for him
Boldness in praying for co-workers at weekly staff meeting-prayer was welcomed and invitation given to pray at every meeting!
Words of encouragement from our recent Worship Night
3 years clean from drugs
Receiving revelation from God in all areas of life
Prophetic Declarations for 2016
Family reunited-answered prayer
Opportunity at Dunkin Donuts to pray for a Vietnam Veteran
Peace from God
Let Freedom Reign
A word from the Lord
Debt cancelled
Broken keys
Word of knowledge given to man at restaurant-he received encouragement and a love touch from PapaGod
God answered financial prayer by having laptop sell for more than 2x the asking price
A much needed job was provided
Security deposit that was held up from landlord since May was paid back in full
Unexpected raise at workplace
Free hugs

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