Etta’s Story

“Each month, I financially just make it.

I applied for energy assistance. In March I got a notice saying I did not qualify. I just thought, “Well it was worth a try. I’m grateful for getting it in the past.”

I occasionally pick up snack for my kids’ day care. I went to Sam’s the other day and figured I would get a big box. As I was going through the store, my hands kept putting things in the cart for daycare. At this point, I’m sort of talking to myself saying, “You really don’t have the extra money to do this today,” but my hands kept moving.

When I got to day care and brought the stuff in, the director was so thankful! She is a very soft spoken lady. She said she was having a very rough day and was also dealing with a financial issue and so grateful! I got in my car and said, “Thank You, Lord, for speaking to me. I am so glad I listened.” It was a blessing to me that I was able to bless her.

When I got home and opened my mail I had a notice that I would be receiving a $200.00 energy assistance credit on my electric bill.

A similar experience: throughout the year, teachers ask for things. I’m usually willing to give. But the other day Sophie asked, “We don’t have any more snacks. Can you by some?” Well honestly I got a little attitude because I had just sent in snack. She then told me she is the only one that brings it in. That made me more mad. I was thinking, “I can’t afford to keep doing this.” Well, the Lord reminded me of all the extra income I’ve received at various times from extra work at the real estate office to the several one-time cleaning jobs I picked up.

He blesses us in our obedience, but sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves we don’t see it. I was also reminded of how we are to be examples to our children and I was able to use these two experiences to share with my children.”


-“My Story” by Etta, 06/15

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