Multiple Healings in One Family

A family from Arkansas, were visiting members of our church last week and they came to our Sunday Service. The mom and her two teenaged kids were all in need of both spiritual and physical healings. After the service was over they requested prayer from a few members of the prayer team. The team led them through several deliverance prayers and they obtained freedom in many areas! God also healed them physically! The daughter received freedom from anxiety and her stomach ulcers were instantly healed! The son had 1 leg shorter than the other and also suffered with scoliosis. God grew his leg out to equal the other in length right before their eyes! When his mother checked his spine she could no longer find any abnormal curves! The mother herself also obtained much need deliverance and physical freedom. She had previously suffered with stomach problems and by that night all issues were gone!

We are absolutely in awe of God’s power and faithfulness! We can’t wait to hear all the testimonies of how God will use that family inĀ  Arkansas to show His healing power!

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