Greenhouse FAQ’s

Where does my information go once I hit submit?

  • All self-assessment forms and daily accountability sheets dump directly into a pool of forms. No one looks at them; they are sent directly to the pool through the software used.

How can I access past forms/sheets I’ve filled out?

  • Once you hit submit, you will receive an email confirmation containing a copy of your completed form/daily sheet. You recommend that you print out a hard copy or save it in a folder on your computer. We will not keep a copy for you. That is up to you, once you receive your personal copy via email.

How do I know in which phase to begin?

  • We recommend that everyone begin at Phase 1, so as not to frustrate themselves. If you have a find, after several weeks or months, that you desire a deeper challenge in your walk with the Lord, feel free to register for Phase 2. Either way, please remember this is not a race! This is between you and the Lord. As the seeds in your heart and life begin to take deep root, you will naturally move on to the next phase, without the need for striving.


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