The Greenhouse

Welcome to The Greenhouse!

Just as a greenhouse is a place of protection and provision for seeds to germinate and grow, our hearts, minds and spirits can be cultivated with the love of Father God and the power of Holy Spirit to produce a harvest of love, joy and blessing for ourselves and others!

The following set of resources is to aid you in your journey with Jesus. As you spend one-on-one time with Him, through the power and assistance of Holy Spirit, the seeds planted in your heart, mind and spirit will receive vital nutrients to produce a bountiful harvest.

Phases of The Greenhouse:

  • Self-Assessment: This will give you an honest look at the soil of your heart, mind and spirit. Be free to answer every question transparently. Your answers go into an anonymous pool of self-assessments and will only be looked at in the event you ask us to.


  • Phase 1: Whether you’ve been walking with Jesus for 30 years or 3 hours, we encourage you to begin with Phase 1. Upon your request, you will be sent a daily link to access the reminder/self-processing form each morning. As you spend regular, consistent, relationship-building time with Jesus, use the questions and available space to jot down the things you are learning! Jesus loves you like crazy and is so excited to spend time with you!

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  • Phase 2: After you’ve completed Phase 1, feel free to move to Phase 2. This may take 6 months or 6 years; it’s up to you! This is your journey with Jesus! Our recommendation is that you take the time to build consistency in your relationship with Him. This is not a task to complete or a list to check off. This is a usable tool to help you as you learn to walk closer and more intimately with Jesus each day.

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Have questions? Find out more on our Greenhouse FAQ’s page.


Jesus loves you! He is excited about you! And He has great plans for your life!

We invite you to take this time to allow Him to transform your heart, your mind, your soul, your life, your community, your city, your nation and your world!


The Greenhouse: a life application tool from WFC.

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