Freedom from Witchcraft

Growing up, I had a childhood friend named Linda. We were very close,
always together at school, always over each others houses. We went on each
others family vacations. She had been to church with me many times, and we
even attended Camp Haluwasa (a Christian summer camp) a few times together.

We attended different high schools, and even though I was not following the
Lord, she went down roads I would not follow her down, involving herself in
Paganism and witchcraft. We lost touch.

We regained touch after college, and had met a few times to "catch up," but
neither her "religion" nor mine ever came up in conversation. We each knew
what the other was about, and left it at that.

Today, I got a text message from her, out of the clear blue, that she was
liking "this Bible-reading thing." I asked her what she was reading, and
she told me that she started reading random pages in the New Testament, and
that she especially read from the book of Luke. She had purchased a daily
devotional, and that had her reading in Genesis. I asked her what made her
start reading the Bible. After all, I knew what this girl had been into
(but my excitement was growing!) Her answer was, and I quote, "I lost faith
in what I was worshiping before. I needed something. There was only one
place to turn."

How great is our God?! That He loved his daughter, Linda, even after she
walked away from Him! He still called her name, and she answered!

 I asked her at some point what was going through her mind, and she told
me, "I'm terrified." I asked her what she was afraid of. Her response was,
"How powerful this feels. Admitting I was wrong. Being forgiven."

We texted back and forth for hours, and she is so HUNGRY for God. She told
me she threw away all of her Pagan stuff because she "can't do this part
way." She has a church in mind she is going to begin attending this Sunday,
and she has been setting time aside every day to spend with the Lord. I
told her that is so important for spiritual growth, and she told me, "I
feel my soul yearning for it. I need it."

I am just so blown away by this amazing, Sovereign God! And thankful that
He allowed me to be apart of this, as I am currently "the only person in
[her] life [she] can talk to about this."

Our God is mighty, our God achieves the impossible, and performs miracles
that we were not even searching for! Praise His name! Hallelujah! Thank
you, Jesus!

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