God Uses A Stuffed Animal

My daughter has been struggling with believing that Jesus loves her and that
He will answer her prayers. Today, Jesus revealed Himself to her once again.
She had lost her "Dolphie" (stuffed animal) a few weeks ago. We looked all
through her room and elsewhere, but couldn't find it. Today, she was
struggling again to believe that Jesus loves her. So, she asked Jesus to
show her. She asked Him to help us find Dolphie - and that it would be in a
place that we had already looked, so that she would know that it was God who
put it there for us to find. Our daughter is sick, so my husband went up to
her room, asking Jesus to help him find it in a place he had already looked.
A few moments later, he returned with Dolphie! Sure enough, it was stuffed
in a purse in our daughter's room. A purse that was barely large enough for
the stuffed animal to fit in and one that he had already checked! God hears
the cries of our hearts! He is so excited to reveal Himself to His children
- in ways that are meaningful to us! Amen!



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