Life-Changing Dreams

For a long time, my thoughts and ideas on God were mainly ideas about Him, things
I've read about Him, and some personal encounters. It was easier to think about Him
than to experience who He is. Sure, "Jesus Christ died and rose again for me" is a
belief, and I knew He is the only way to life, but I wanted more. Deep within me,
there was a longing to consistently know who He is relationally. If He truly is a
pursuer just as the Bible claims, and if the Bible is true, then He would strongly
pursue His beloved. I wanted to believe I was His beloved, and it was a secret
desire of mine to have Him meet me in this deep way. In 2014, He faithfully meet me
multiple times through dreams and visions. I will share three that impacted me

Dream 1:  I was in a room, I saw a man come by. I didn't see his face, only his
feet. The man says "are you done yet?" and I shunned him away. The dream then cuts
to this man writing a letter and putting the letter in a manilla envelope for me to
find. I ran in the dream to find it, and I kept saying "I want to know what you
think about me!". When I woke up, I was amazed and in awe. I felt His presence as I
slept, and I knew it wasn't a dream fueled by eating pizza late at night. Jesus
showed my heart condition. He showed that I was rebellious, causing me to shun him,
and yet, He still decides writes what He thinks about me for me to find. He did not
shun me away. He still pursued me. It's true, nothing can't ever separate me from
His love. 

Dream 2: This occurred before a 4th Sunday service during a 2 hour nap. I originally
was going to celebrate a friend's birthday, but I turned it down. I felt God
strongly tugging me to be at church. In the dream, I saw a person at the altar, and
I saw them hurled over. In a strange way, they looked like they were coughing. I
also saw chains linked on the wrists. I heard a voice say "tonight, you will vomit
out your pain". I woke up slightly fearful, but I knew God was calling me. During
worship night, I was at the alter, and God did exactly as He showed me in the dream.
He not only pursued me, but also He contended for my healing more than I did. He did
not relent. 

Dream 3: I was in a classroom setting. I saw two of my friends sitting and I joined
them. I was asked, "If you had the opportunity to share what Jesus did for you, what
would you say?" I remember pausing. I did not know what to say. Then I heard a
voice. "When you were unfaithful, I waited for you. I saw everything you were doing,
and I still  had my arms opened wide. I knew you would run back. I waited".  As I
heard this, I saw a "father-figure" image, similar to the father in the prodigal son
parable. I saw the arms opened so wide. Jesus indeed waited, and He never got tired
of waiting for me. The dream cut to a computer screen to a networking website. There
were many who wrote down their testimonies to read online. As I scrolled through the
page, there was a blank spot. I knew that blank spot was for my testimony. That was
God's way of telling me to share these encounters, and that it is good to share

 "Amaryllis, How can you be so confident that Jesus met you in these dreams?"- In
those dreams, Jesus changed me. He showed me where I spiritually was and how
faithful he really is. He demonstrated His character, and He shined light into the
darkest parts of my heart. As doubtful and skeptical as I was, He still began
turning my heart of stone into a heart of flesh, just as Scripture describes. No
human being has the skill to accomplish ANY of these things awake, not to mention
in their sleep. Jesus is risen, He is alive, and He is more real than I can ever



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