Lost Necklace Supernaturally Found

Amanda and I were out for a walk and half-way through the walk (after lots
of running and jumping) Amanda realized she'd lost the new necklace she'd
gotten for Christmas, which she'd put in her jacket pocket. We prayed and
looked as we traced our steps home, but didn't find it. We felt
disappointed, but still prayed that God would show us where to look for the
necklace. Jacob prayed with us and after work he went to look for it, but he
didn't find it either. We felt disappointed, BUT we didn't give up! Amanda
sent a Skype message to my parents and they prayed along with us that God
would show us where the necklace was. We prayed that night and again the
next morning. Jacob and Amanda went out again the next morning, retracing
our steps one more time, and there was the necklace - plain as day on the
sidewalk! God is good! 

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