Maturing in the Faith

WFC provides an accountability that has helped me to be disciplined in daily reading of God’s Word.

One day, while kicked back in my recliner in my nice, warm home on a winter day, I was reading about Lazarus the beggar waiting for the rich man’s crumbs. I had been down, feeling like I could relate to Lazarus, because of financial problems–some of my own making. After the reading and prayer, the Lord told me that I am the rich man. I have so much to be thankful for. I suddenly remembered having just celebrated my daughter’s 33rd birthday with our family at our home. We enjoyed so much love there, our grand-daughters were playing, we were all laughing. The Lord convicted me. I have so much that a price can’t be put on. My name is written in the Book of Life! I need to be thankful to God for all that I do have and in ALL my circumstances, quit complaining and seek direction.

-“Maturing in the Faith” – by Bill, 02/14

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