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Please pray for Chris & Holly Steed, missionaries with the 12×12 Love Project in Guatemala.

2017 Updates


We had a busy summer with teams and visitors and it sure went by fast! Our school
year has begun and ALL 5 KIDS are at school. Holly has retired herself as a
homeschool teacher and is taking on some new tasks at Project for Hope. In addition
to helping the ladies with their budgeting, she is working on initiatives to create
employment for the ladies in our program (see need below). Kendy started 1st grade
and is going to school with her sister and brothers. The couple of weeks leading up
to school were difficult for her. Thankfully, she’s settling down now and enjoying
school. Pray for her and her adjustment, new friends, teachers, etc.

We celebrated some birthdays – Jack turned 18 on July 29th. He’s a senior this year
and we are NOT ready for him to leave next year. Angela turned 8 on August 9th.
She got to celebrate her birthday with a broken arm from a swing accident. The cast
came off this week and she’s very happy!

We are very close to completing the purchase agreement for the property. There have
been many legal hurdles to work through. Please pray for this final process to
happen quickly!

As you know, one of our main objectives at PFH is to provide employment to single
mothers and widows. We have an opportunity to travel to the US in October for
training in initiatives that will create more jobs for the women in our program. If
you have travel points with Hilton, Sheraton or Marriott that we could use towards
hotel expenses, please get in touch with Chris (you can simply reply to this email).

*Our kids – challenges they face as missionary kids.
*Property purchase agreement to be finalized soon.
*Unity among our teachers and ladies at PFH.


Hi friends and family,

We hope this finds you all well.  If there is anything we can be praying for, please
let us know because we'd love to be praying for you.  We know several people who are
struggling though various things and we are praying for each one.


Summer is here!  The school year ended well and we are taking a break from alarm
clocks and waking before the sun comes up.  We had a few days to rest (the kids did
at least) before we hosted a team from our home church in Jacksonville.  Now our
summer is off to a running start.  It's great to have friends and familiar faces
here with lots of love for us and the families in Project for Hope.  Their big
project was funding and helping to build new playground swings which are a big
blessing to all the kids here.  I don't think since everything was set-up and ready
to go that any swing has been vacant except when this picture was taken.

They also organized a carnival day for some prospective Project for Hope families. 
We all enjoyed a nice lunch and later the kids played games and earned tickets to
"buy" toys as prizes.  It was a great way for us to get to know a few struggling
single moms in our community as well as love on some kids who really need it.

Jack has been away translating for a team (not through our ministry) and will travel
around Guatemala with them.  He will be gone for one week, be home for 2 days to
sell his pig, and then he is off for a week to translate for another team.  From
there he goes straight to a missionary kids camp that our kids go to every summer as
a junior counselor.  We won't see him much this month!  It's great for him to meet
new people and see parts of Guatemala that he has never been to before.  He's always
up for an adventure!  Pray for his safe travels.

June 9th is the official date that we have had our girls legally (paperwork wise)
for 2 years.  Now we can start the process on the US side to declare them as our
adopted children and get them US passports or green cards, not sure which one yet. 
Since we do not live on US soil, they will not be citizens but with a passport/green
card, they can travel freely to the US.   Please pray that this goes smoothly for
God's provision for the costs involved.


These young ladies are Dulce, Claudia and Karla. (left to right) Dulce & Karla
(sisters) and Claudia are in our middle school program here at Project For Hope.
Claudia's dad committed suicide a few years ago. Dulce & Karla's father is involved
in the drug trade and abandoned the family several years ago and wants nothing to do
with his daughters. Each of these girls have suffered significant loss and are
looking for answers. Pray for their salvation.


* Girls - God's provision for the US adoption process
* Safety and protection for our family
* Dulce, Claudia and Karla's salvation
* For the Lord's guidance and wisdom as we minister to those around us
* Encouragement
* God's provision for our family needs

That's it from us.  We hope you all have a great summer!


Chris, Holly, Jack, Jon, Jed, Angela, and Kendy


Hi friends,

We pray this finds you well and that you have a blessed Easter.


We celebrated birthdays - Jon turned 15 and Jed turned 10!  Jon is fully immersed in
his teen years and growing into a young man. He is so smart and very funny still. 
For those of you who knew him when he was younger and were entertained by his "man
voice", it's now permanent.  Jed has entered the double digits and we don't know
where time has gone with this boy.  He's still a joy.  Jack went to the Prom with a
good friend from his class.  He's going to be a senior next year and I'm not sure we
are going to be able to handle it when he leaves after graduation.  Can't even think
about that yet! He is trying to figure out college and the next phase of his life so
please pray for him. Angela and Kendy are doing fine.  Please continue to pray for
them as they process not being with their birth mother and all that goes along with


School is going well for the moms and kids at Project for Hope. This is Holy Week in
Guatemala so everyone has the week off.  We are enjoying our break and the employees
and families are too.

Chris has a bible study/small group with a couple of the older boys twice a week. 
It's a time for him to be the "dad" they don't have.  They had a campout a couple of
weeks ago and the boys had a great time.  Jed joined in too and they made pizza (our
regular Friday night dinner), had a campfire with s'mores, slept outside in a tent
and ended their time together with breakfast at McDonald's - don't think those guys
had ever been to one.  They loved it!

We will be sending out regular updates about Project for Hope so be looking out for


* Kids  - spiritual grown and school
* Girls - processing adoption and the loss of their mom
* Jack - college and career decisions
* Safety and protection
* For the Lord's guidance and wisdom as we minister to those around us
* Barriers to be broken with some of the moms
* Encouragement

It's the end of the dry season here and we are very much looking forward to the rain
that will hopefully start soon.  Everything is dead, dry, dusty and dirty.  It's the
time of year where allergies are bad and everyone gets a cold or sinus infection. 
So far, 5 out of 7 of us have been sick. Can't wait for the rain!

We've posted some blogs recently you can read on our website:

Thank you all for your love, prayer and support.  We couldn't do what we do without









** Back to School
And in our case, we started a school.  The Guatemalan system runs from January to
October so this year we started the Project for Hope Education Center - Preschool
through Middle School.  All of the moms and kids in our program are enrolled and
getting their education here on site.  Last year the kids attended a local private
school but by the time they got out of school, came here to eat lunch and do
homework (lots every day), there was not much time to minister to them or do
anything fun.  It was all work and no play!  This year is different. The kids are
finished earlier and that gives us plenty of time for lunch, free time and fun
activities in the afternoons like bible lessons, reading, art and PE.  We have all
the time we need to encourage them and pour God's love into their hearts.

The ladies, aka "moms", in our program go to school as well.  They work in the
morning and attend school in the afternoons.  Some of them are working on their
elementary education and some on middle school.  Our oldest student is in her 60's -
it's never too late to get an education!  Doña Mari is in 1st grade and learning to
read.  It's no easy task for her but she is doing her best.  She never went to
school when she was a child because her family did not believe that education served
women - they should be home and do "woman's work", that is how she was raised.  She
was thrilled with the opportunity because she always wanted to go to school.



Our family enjoyed a long break from school for the Christmas holidays.  We were off
for 3 1/2 weeks so starting back in January almost felt like starting a new school
year.  It was nice but maybe a little too long, depending on who you ask.  Our life
revolves around school much of the time.  The day starts at 5:45am as the kids need
plenty of time to make to the bus in San Lucas by 7 and Holly needs time to make the
strongest coffee she can.  We live about 10-15 minutes away depending on how many
buses we get behind or cows or tuk tuks.  From there, the kids have a 40-45 minute
ride to the school.  They arrive back in San Lucas again around 4 and are usually
home by 4:20pm.  It's a LONG day for them!

Jack is a junior, Jon is a freshman, Jed is in 4th grade and Angela is in 1st.

Kendy is being homeschooled for kindergarten.  She didn't start school this year
because she needed a little more time bonding with her mom.  It has served us well
and we hope she is ready to go off in the Fall.  Pray for her that she isn't too
traumatized when it's time to go.
We've had our girls for a little over 2 years now.  It's hard to relate back to how
our family was before they came.  We've all gone through many adjustments but
everything has fallen into place and now we are just a "normal" family with lots of
chaos and sibling issues x5!  Our girls have hit a bumpy place recently trying to
process their life, being adopted and not being with their mother.  It's a normal
stage that most adopted kids go through but it's difficult for them to make sense of
it at their age.

** Prayer
* Safety and protection
* Kids  - spiritual grown and school
* Girls - processing their adoption
* For the Lord's guidance and wisdom as we minister to those around us
* Barriers to be broken with some of the moms
* Encouragement

We'd LOVE to hear from you and how your life is going!  Summer will be here before
you know it and Guatemala is a beautiful country. You are always welcome to come for
a visit!

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support!


Chris, Holly, Jack, Jon, Jed, Angela and Kendy

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2016 Updates







As most of you know, we welcomed 2 little girls into our family in December - Angela
5, and Kendy 4.  The little puffs of pink are rocking our world and we love it! 
They are the perfect additions to our family and fit right in with the crazy Steed
Boys.  We thought they would be delicate little flowers but no, they've got lots of
spunk and sparkle.  They bring a whole new dynamic to the family and are growing us
and stretching us in good ways, of course!  Click to see recent family pictures.

The girls are biological sisters and come from the Caribbean side of Guatemala where
there are African descendants so they've got lots of curly hair.  We spend ALOT of
time doing hair. Anyway, they are great and we hope to have the necessary paperwork
soon so we can apply for visas to possibly visit the US.

This year is moving right along, it's already June!  The boys are finishing up their
school year.  Jack and Jon will travel to North Carolina in a couple of weeks to
spend time with their grandparents.   Jed will stay here and go to a weeklong came
for missionary kids. It's his first year going and he's excited.   The girls are not
in school this year so they can have time to adjust but will start school next year.

Ministry is going well.  We've had a bible study on Sunday afternoons at our house
for quite some time.  Two couples accepted Jesus and it's been truly amazing to see
the changes in each of them, their families and marriages.  Their new faith comes
with many challenges and pressures from their families so keep them in your prayers
as they live out their faith.

Blessings! - The Steed's

We're so excited about how God has been working to bring Project For Hope to
reality! We're hoping to share details and a new video with you all in the coming
weeks.  Stay Tuned!

12x12 Love Project

The Project continues to share the love of Christ with families living in desperate
conditions. We're on schedule to complete 24 homes in 2015! We recently finished a
home for Mayra and her four boys.  It was amazing to see God provide every step of
the way as we stepped out in faith to see this family's prayers answered.   Click
her (
e ( to
read their story.

* For the girls to be granted visas so we can travel to the US
* Bible Study families -peace and strength to live out their faith
* Traveling mercies for the boys this summer
* Wisdom for us in parenting the girls (and boys)
* Peace in our home
* Project For Hope - pray for property acquisition to be completed


March 3: Updated pictures for Project For Hope.

Conjunto 1 Conjunto 2 Conjunto 3 Conjunto 4


December 4, 2014:

Quick Update!  We spent most of the day with Angela and Kendy, thanks for
your prayers - It was a great day.  Lots of personality in these two, such
sweet girls.  We learned that the directors of the orphanage have been
praying fervently that these girls would be adopted by a family that loves
Jesus.  God is good!  Attaching some pics for you all.  More updates to
follow. We head out for another day with them tomorrow.


November 25, 2014:

We've got 2 girls!!  Angela is 5 and Kendy is 3 years old.  They are
We are planning on our first of 4-5 visits to be Monday.  Chris and I will
meet them first and the next day we will bring the boys.  Hopefully they
will come home with us by the end of next week if all goes well.  We are
all excited and the boys say "We love them already!"

I know they are my (Holly) daughters because they are afraid of spiders
(that's listed on the paperwork!) and they have curly hair.  :)  Jon's
excited because it says Kendy likes to play with Legos.

We will update again next week after a couple of visits.  Once we read over
all of their paperwork again and again and again (it's all in Spanish of
course), we will share more of their story.

Thanks for all of your prayers!!!

November 24,  2014: 

We got "the call" this morning about our adoption!!  Words can't express
how excited we are.  We go in tomorrow morning to find out about her/them.
  Will send another note after tomorrow's meeting.  :)

Please keep us in your prayers!

September 2014: We are so excited to announce that the Steeds are coming to Jersey! They will be arriving on Tuesday September 23rd and departing Monday September 29th. Let’s make it a point to reach out to them, to love on them, and encourage them while they are here!

May 2014: Hello friends, we hope this finds you and yours well. Our family is doing well. The boys have acclimated nicely to homeschooling this year and are growing up fast. We’re definitely enjoying having more time together as a family with the boys studying at home – it’s been a great change for us. We want to share a few exciting things with you all. (See the posts below) #1- Big family changes! Hint: We’re super-excited about the possibility of new little sisters in our family. #2 – New ministry – Project For Hope. We are looking forward to seeing how God puts it all together. Please be praying for us. 🙂 Thanks to lots of people stateside, we were able to help over 100 kids go to school this year!! Many of them have become like family to us and we are thankful for the constant connection that allows us to share God’s love, encourage and love on them.

We wanted to share some exciting news and prayer requests… For some time we have been looking into the possibility of adoption. We’ve always felt that we weren’t quite finished as a family and there has always been hope that one day we would have some girls join us. Since moving to Guatemala, we had heard many things as to whether or not we were eligible to adopt as foreigners so we decided to wait until we had our permanent residency completed to look in to the possibilities. About a year ago our residency was finalized and through some different connections we began to investigate directly with the government to see if we met the qualifications to submit an application. In January of this year we attended a half-day workshop, the first step in the process, and learned, as permanent residents, we are eligible to adopt. After that, we spent two and a half months getting paperwork together from many different sources. We then met with the government attorney who reviewed all of our paperwork. He said everything was in order and they accepted the application!

A few weeks later the psychological evaluation was scheduled. We (Chris and Holly) spent a morning telling our history, our family histories and drawing lots of pictures. The picture thing was interesting because neither of us are artists and we were specifically told not to draw stick people. We came home and googled the significance of what we had to draw (person, couple, family, house, and tree) and felt we might have failed that part right off the bat for various reasons and lack of artistic skills. The next day the boys went in and talked to the psychologist and drew their own pictures. That was a lively meeting to say the least! If after spending an hour with those 3 together, they felt it was a good idea to give us a few girls, it would be a miracle. But they did and called us a few weeks later to come out for a home visit. After asking more of the same questions and looking at our house, the social worker congratulated us and told us we were going to be parents again!

Yesterday, we spent all morning at an informational/preparation meeting and left with our official certificate of adoption eligibility. Now, we wait for the call. We know we will get 1-3 girls. When you’ve got 3 kids, what’s a few more?!?! We know that they will be anywhere from 18 months to 5 years old. We are super excited and super nervous and praying that God will not give us more than we can handle. Right about now we are asking ourselves if we are crazy!

After we receive a referral, we have 10 days to accept or not. If we do, there will be a series of visits with the girl(s), just us and later the boys – they probably don’t want to scare them right away. 🙂 If all that goes well, they will come home with us. They will be ours but it will take the courts about 6 months to stamp and sign off on all of the documents. After 2 years, we can get them passports for the US and apply for their naturalization. In the meantime, we should be able to get them travel visas for when we go back to visit.

Please pray with us. We know that these little girls will have their own stories, will have been through some type of trauma, and leaving all they know to come to our family will not be easy. We fully expect there to be a difficult adjustment period and are praying that it be short and we all will have the patience needed. We have alot to do to get ready for them – get their room ready, clothes, toys, etc. There is not one girl thing in a house full of boys. 🙂 We also need to be prepared emotionally for what to expect. We are all excited to say the least!!

The 12×12 Love Project

The housing ministry continues to see God’s blessing.  Over twenty families have received new homes this year.

Project For Hope

Over two years ago God planted a vision in our hearts for a ministry to help widows, single mothers and their children. We’ll be sharing more details in the next few weeks.

Financial Needs

We have some needs related to our pending adoption.  We’re also in need of monthly partners and we’re a little closer to having the funds we need for a pick-up truck.  Visit our website here to learn how you can help!

Latest Prayer Request:  10.29.13 – Please keep Holly & the rest of her family in prayer as her dad passed away this morning.

August 2013 – Some of you have visited and know Estella, who works with us in the house here. (Her sweet little daughter Lucy has entertained many of you on the short term mission teams!)  Wednesday, Estella’s sister was involved in a horrific accident. She was getting her corn ground to make tortillas and her long hair was caught in the mill that grinds the corn. Her hair, scalp, skin including part of her face and one ear were torn from her head. She is alive and obviously fighting infection. We’re reaching out asking for prayer for this young mother of six and her family. I believe Marcelona is her name. This all comes at a difficult time as Marcelona’s husband was unemployed. We’ll be posting a blog shortly as we’d like to assist with some basic food and transportation costs as she is expected to be in the hospital for some time.


Read the Steed Family blog here.

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View July update.

May 2012 Prayer Update – Thank you all for your prayers! Chris is doing much better and is back to normal. I think it just took more time for the antibiotics to kick in. Jon and Jed are doing well, too.

May 2012 Prayer Update – Thank you for your prayers – we are feeling them! The boys continue to be well. Chris is much better, but not 100%. He is anxious, worried it might be something serious. Some blood tests came back out of the normal range, but it could be because of so many different things. Please pray that it’s not serious – and for clarity, not confusion. Thank you!

May Prayer Update – Please pray for Chris, Jon & Jed. Jon & Jed have Typhoid Fever and are on antibiotics. Right now they are well, but please pray that they continue to get better and that there are no complications. Chris has been sick – possibly Typhoid, too, but there is no clarity as to why he continues to feel sick after being on antibiotics. Please pray for quick healing and that nothing serious is wrong. Holly and Jack are great! Please pray they stay that way! Thank you for praying. The Steeds appreciate your prayers!

View April update.

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