Shrum Family Prayer Updates

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Please pray for Jeff & Peg Shrum, our missionaries in Mozambique, Africa.

2017 Updates








It has been a busy last few weeks for us mostly because of illnesses.  Jeff
had a bad cold for most of February, then it was Peg’s turn.  She was
admitted into the hospital with bad chest pains on President’s Day and was
released when they could not find any issues with her heart or lungs.  She
did stop taking one medicine she was on because it often causes GI and acid
reflux problems. She never felt well but there was nothing else that could
be done in the hospital.  The follow week while at the cardiologist office
he saw that her heart was racing and beating irregularly.  He sent her
directly to the ER.  Medication returned her heart to a regular rhythm, but
they also discovered that she has pneumonia. A procedure is planned
tomorrow (Friday) to burn the cells on the heart that have the tendency to
send out the signals for extra beats. The cardiologist is very confident
that the procedure will go smoothly in her case.  She is likely to stay in
the hospital a couple more days until she is breathing better without

—Please pray that the heart procedure will go smoothly and be successful in
keeping the atrial flutter from returning. Pray too that Peg continues to
get stronger and her lung function improves.

Last week before Peg was admitted to the hospital, Jeff was training three
people in the new version of Paratext. One person is a translation
consultant who works with several teams in remote Central African Republic.
She had never had formal training in how to get the most out of Paratext.
She will now be able to help those teams do a better job of checking and
preparing their translations for publication. One of the other people
supports language software, like Paratext in Philippines and other parts of
Asia. He also works with many teams to clean up their texts before sending
them to the publications department for typesetting. He is now ready to go
back to the Philippines and train others in the new features of Paratext 8.
When Peg went into the hospital, I could not finish the last day of the
training. We had previously arranged for someone to come from the
International Translation Department to teach how to use Translator’s
Workplace, which is an electronic collection of Biblical and theological
materials developed by SIL for Bible translators. He spent about an hour
with them showing how to search for various topics, and organize the
electronic books for easy referencing while exegeting a passage.

Also, in this period Jeff’s grandmother, Mary Weaver, passed away. We
called her Monner. She was 96 years old. She had a long full life, though
the last couple years saw her health decline. Maggie Jo and Jeff were
planning to visit her during Maggie Jo’s Spring Break, but she passed away
before then. Instead Maggie Jo will spend part of her Spring break to
attend Mary’s memorial service on Saturday March 11th, at 11:00am, at
Lynhurst Baptist Church, 1205 S. Lynhurst Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46241.

—Please pray for us as we grieve the loss of our beloved “Monner”.

Jeff and Maggie Jo are flying to Indy to attend the memorial service, and
to spend a few days visiting family and friends that we have not seen in a
while. Peg’s sister Sue will be with her while Jeff is away in Indiana.

—Pray that Peg continues to get stronger while Jeff and Maggie Jo are away.
Pray for Sue as she cares for Peg in Jeff’s absence.




2016 Updates






Prayer Request Update:

Thank you so much for your prayers. We have gotten a lot of input from here and from friends in Mozambique. Our boss has decided we ought to go ahead with the ceremony so we will leave on Saturday as scheduled.

The participants we talked with today that are coming from other directions that don’t pass the troubled area all assure us there is no danger for them and that they themselves are traveling the roads regularly.

Thanks for being there for us when we need you. Please keep praying for: calm in Mozambique, good health, us and our luggage to make all connections (Dallas-London-Amsterdam-Nairobi-Nampula) and a God-honoring celebration.

Urgent Prayer Request



March Prayer Request Update



1/29/16 Prayer Request:  We just got word that the Takwane Bibles landed in Mozambique yesterday! Today the expediter will attempt to clear them through customs. Praise the Lord for their safe arrival and please pray for them to clear customs without problems.






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