Word Life Center Logo Prophetic Meaning

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New Logo Prophetic Meanings

Word Fellowship Church started as a church PLANT with Pastor Dick Landis.

Pastor Markus Ehrich is a GARDENER/LANDSCAPER as a hobby, but also has carefully grown and stewarded the church. And God has been our Master Gardener.

Our key verse is “God’s Patience and Kindness Leads People To Repentance”. It takes PATIENCE and KINDNESS to grow a plant.

We have gone through a season of PRUNING. 

Just as plants can provide NOURISHMENT, we will provide nourishment to the community.

Just as plants BEAR FRUIT, we bear fruit by signs and wonders and our love for each other.

Small plants can be misunderstood and underestimated, but God has called us out and given our identity, and has given us a great destiny and purpose.

The word God gave us in 2013 states in the first paragraph that we will be given a new name! It then goes on to say that our name will have the following attributes: 

  • Adornment, (God adores us.)
  • Unstoppable Courage, (trees are symbolic for having courage in growth; they’re unstoppable)
  • Irresistible Kindness, (God has had kindness and gentleness with us)
  • Mighty Conquer, (mighty conquerers are like Redwoods) 
  • and His Treasure. (we are considered His treasure as a flower.)

Just like plants, we have had HUMBLE BEGINNINGS but are growing big and strong, and TREES are the CENTER OF LIFE.

We are EVERGREEN. We will remain consistent and GREEN throughout every season. 

Plants have a COMMON NAME and a SCIENTIFIC NAME, just as we (personally and the church) have a common name and a special name known to us between us and God.

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