Upcoming Conferences

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We at wordfc love partnering with other churches in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth! We know that it’s not just about our church family, but it’s about the move of God that’s taking place all over our world! Conferences are a great way to meet new people, be encouraged in your ministry, and get even more filled up with hunger and passion for God and His children!

Here is a list of upcoming conferences for 2018-2019 (for more information please click on link):

Bethel Church, Redding Ca

School of Creativity May 15-18 2018

Bethel Healing School May 21-25 2018

Heaven Come Conference May 31-June 2 2018

Kingdom Culture Conference June 20-22 2018

School of the Prophets August 6-10 2018

Open Heavens Conference October 3-5 2018

Leaders Conference October 31-November 2 2018

Bethel Conference Dubai January 12-14 2019




Life Center, Harrisburg Pa

Life Center Worship Summit June 15-16 2018

Supernatural Life Conference September 12-15 2018






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